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Jeff Friday

Super Bowl Champion | Coach | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Author

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What seperates

I help coaches, athletes, entrepreneurs and leaders build a strong foundation to withstand daily pressures in sports, business, and life, by developing four key areas. These four key areas are mental, physical, social, and spiritual. 


My mantra of taking a wholistic approach to coaching stems from Luke 2:52 which states, “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and favor with God and man.” Building a strong foundation in these four areas enables you to live the GREAT life God desires.


about me

I specialize in human development and performance. As an NFL Strength and Conditioning coach for 21 years, I have worked with elite athletes to get them to the top of their game. Now, I teach individuals and organizations how to develop the same championship mindset.

In the media

I joined the Strong Dads podcast to discuss my experiences as a Strength Coach in the NFL. During this podcast, I give insight into the 4 areas outlined in my book Built 4 Winning


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I joined the Banter Broadcast to discuss who the leader of the Ravens was and how they fed off of each other to become better leaders.


Reach out via Instagram for Podcast inquiries.

My Book

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Discover untapped potential in every area of life.


There are four foundational, interdependent building blocks to achieving your full potential in sports, business, and life. Through stories of people like Kurt Warner, Andy Dalton, and Jesus Christ, Built 4 Winning helps identify blind spots and how to build towards meaningful growth.



I am passionate about sharing what I've learned from working with coaches and athletes at the highest level to help you maximize your potential and transform those around you. I am called to develop people because so often in my career I have seen potential thwarted.

I mix my professional coaching experience with practical learning that individuals can put to immediate use on their journey.

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