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Coach Jeff Friday
Coach Jeff Friday
Coach Jeff Friday
Built 4 Winning

Coach Jeff Friday

I have a heart for developing people both on and off the field.

     With over 28 years of coaching athletes at the highest level in both the NFL and NCAA,
I have implemented athletic development programs in men’s and women’s sports that
have allowed athletes to succeed at the highest levels.
I have spent 21 seasons in the National Football League working with elite
athletes to get them to the top of their game. I have helped my teams achieve 12
playoffs, including a Super Bowl Championship, individual and team all-time performance
records, and have coached 40 players voted to the Pro Bowl, the NFL’s all-star game.
Twelve of these players have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
I was named the “2000 Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach of the
Year” by vote of my peers in the Professional Football Strength and Conditioning
Coaches Society.
     During my tenure at Northwestern University, the men’s basketball program reached
their second post season appearance in school history (NIT) while the women’s team
participated in both the NCAA and NIT post season tournaments. The football squad
appeared in the Rose Bowl after winning the Big Ten championship, their first conference
title in 59 years.
     To complement my coaching, I received Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage
and Bodywork (BCTMB) which represents the highest attainable credential within the
massage therapy and bodywork profession. I also hold numerous reputable
certifications which enable me to better serve the needs of the athlete.
I earned my bachelor's degree in physical education from the University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee and master's degree in exercise science from Illinois State
University. A Milwaukee native, my family, which includes my wife Jennifer, daughter
Hailey and son Aidan, currently reside outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Coaching Background: 1990-91: Graduate Assistant S/C, Illinois State; 1992-95:
Assistant S/C, Northwestern University; 1996-98: Assistant S/C, Minnesota Vikings;
1999-2007: Head S/C, Baltimore Ravens; 2009: Director of S/C, United Football
League; 2010-2018: Assistant S/C, Cincinnati Bengals; 2019-20: Head S/C, XFL.

Coach to Author

In the spring of 2003, I spoke at a “Success Symposium” at Bridgeway Community
Church in Baltimore, Maryland. The goal of the event was for professionals to share
practical information for leading successful lives.
     I’d just finished my fourth year as the head strength and conditioning coach of the
Baltimore Ravens, and my task was to address the question, “What does it take to be a
healthy and whole man of God?” More specifically, instruct a group of middle-aged men
on how to implement a personal fitness program.
     I had to convince them why—why fitness was essential to living healthy,
balanced lives. I explained the issue through the lens of Scripture. In my preparation,
one verse stood out: Luke 2:52.
     “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”

He grew physically and mentally, he connected well with people, and he was loved by
God. A full human life is not unbalanced. It was important to Jesus to develop fully and
harmoniously in each of these key areas: physical, mental, social and spiritual.”
That symposium speech—and corresponding research—really provided the first
impetus (of many) toward my view of coaching and developing the content of my book,
Built 4 Winning. Over several more years—between more talks and presentations, football
clinics, and finally, a colleague encouraging me to put my thoughts on paper—I built the
template for the book.
     For over two decades, I’ve had the opportunity to witness many great performances by top athletes, including several NFL Hall of Fame players. In observing these elite athletes, I began to notice other contributing factors beyond mere talent and physical ability that influenced their success on and off the field. I noticed that the different energies an athlete devoted to their physical, mental, social and spiritual development were equally effective indicators of overall success.
     This book is a combination of both of those factors: 1) what I’ve learned, studied and
researched on these topics, and 2) my up close observation of how the players I’ve coached have successfully lived out these principles in their own lives. It’s as much “my story” as it is a compilation of stories from all these different athletes.
     Through the lens of story, my book uses biblical principles to teach you how to
improve your performance both in sport and life—how to build your life on and off the field.
     This book isn’t just for athletes and coaches. Although most of the stories come from the sports world, they could just as easily be applied to areas of business, family, personal
development, etc.
     These principles and strategies ultimately don’t come from within ourselves but from
a higher power. This isn’t about just “feeling good” or “feeling better about yourself;” it’s about practical, tangible strategies for implementing real change.
     Strengthening the mental, physical, spiritual, and social building blocks has become an
integral part of my life and work. I put my thoughts on paper to inspire others and provide
tools for you to take your life to the next level.

Coach Jeff Friday

Coach Jeff Friday's Superbowl Ring 

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