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Strategies for
 the Life
God Desires

Jeff Friday


What Separates
Good from Great?


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" I only played flag football in grade school, yet I had the privilege of being a strength coach in one of the greatest sports organizations in the world.  God had a greater purpose for my life."

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I am passionate about sharing what I've learned and have three resources that I know can help you live the great life.

My Book Built for Winning 


4-Week Foundation Building Series

Speaking Opportunities  


My mantra of taking a holistic approach to coaching stems from Luke 2:52 ....

 “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and favor with God and man.”

I help coaches, athletes, entrepreneurs and leaders build a strong foundation to withstand daily pressures in sports, business, and life by developing four critical areas of their lives: 


 Building a strong foundation in these four areas enables you to live the GREAT life
that God desires.

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Jeff Friday


I specialize in human development and performance. As an NFL Strength and Conditioning coach for 21 years, I have worked with elite athletes to get them to the top of their game. Now, I teach individuals and organizations how to develop the same championship mindset.

During more than 28 years of experience in coaching high school, college and professional athletes, I have been able to implement athletic development programs in men’s and women’s sports that have allowed athletes to succeed at the highest levels. 


During 21 seasons in the National Football League I worked with elite athletes to get them to the top of their game.  My teams made 14 playoffs, including a Super Bowl Championship.  I was privileged to coach 40 players voted to the NFL’s all-star game, the Pro Bowl. Nine of these players have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I teach individuals and organizations how to develop the same championship mindset of world-class athletes. The Four Building Blocks of Performance are the bedrock of success. The principles can be applied to any occupation where high performance is a must.


The Four Building Blocks concept draws its origins from my spiritual journey, and from the life of Jesus.  Luke 2:52 provides the foundation for the Four Building Blocks; “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God" (wisdom, strength, spiritually and socially).  My walk with Jesus reflects His relentless pursuit of me.  God brought into my life a series of Christian coaches and athletes such as Trent Walters, Randall Cunningham, Qadry Ismail and Matt Stover.  Each of them challenged me to see that my life was missing a spiritual building block grounded on a personal relationship with Jesus.  

Now I pursue those who want to live the great life that God desires, and challenge them to develop each of the 4 Building Blocks that each of us needs.

Built 4 Winning blends stories from my professional coaching experience with practical learning so that you can maximize your potential and transform those around you. I have helped athletes, entrepreneurs, and leaders understand their strengths and create a plan to reach their physical, mental, spiritual and social, and goals. 


I'd like to help you reach yours!

4 Building Blocks

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Through goal setting, education, emotional development and positive self-talk, enhancing the mental building block increases the mind’s ability to process available information, learn from it and make informed decisions. When we develop our minds, we increase our understanding of both ourselves and the world around us

"Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life"

Proverbs 4:13


Through fitness, practice habits, nutrition and rest, developing the physical building block focuses on gaining the necessary levels of strength, power, speed, conditioning and flexibility to perform a given task.

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things”

1 Timothy 4:8

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Through character, relationships, community and love, improving our social building block helps us understand ourselves, value other people’s perspectives and respect our differences. It capitalizes on our innate desire for relationship, community and love—how to cultivate these things in our own life and help provide them for others.

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”

Ecclesiastes 4:12



It is the most important of the building blocks and the foundation on which all other growth is built. Spiritual issues examine the deep, underlying questions of life: Where did I come from? What gives life meaning? How do I determine right from wrong? Where do we go when we die? Our spiritual growth determines our direction not only in this life, but also beyond.

“For the word of God is living and active…discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart”

Hebrews 4:12

Building your foundation on just physical development, or even physical and mental development, is not enough. What separates the "good" from the "great" goes well beyond mere talent and physical ability. The “Four Building Blocks of Performance" helps to maximize your performance and experience the best of this life (and beyond).

Image by Dave Adamson
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Have you ever wondered if you’re missing out on untapped potential? Maybe you have a successful career, but your marriage is failing. Or you earned a spot on the varsity team, but your grades have dropped. Or you’ve gained plenty of friends, but you’ve grown distant with God.

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Odds are you’re standing on a less-than-firm foundation.There are four foundational, interdependent building blocks to achieving your full potential in sports, business, and life. Through stories of people like Kurt Warner, Andy Dalton, and Jesus Christ, Built 4 Winning helps identify blind spots in your foundation and building meaningful growth in your own life and the lives of others


He uses his career to articulate four main sections of the book; physical, mental, social and spiritual. Like legs on a chair one must have all four to present a stable platform for one to be on. Everything is tied to a spiritual awakening. But miss any of the legs and you won't necessarily achieve the level of success you might be looking to accomplish. Along his journey of faith he presents NFL athletes that he's interfaced with and how their journey impacted his. Some of these stories clearly show how faith has developed the person and their individual journeys. 

Amazon Reviewer

This is an amazing must have resource for anyone serious looking to challenge their perspective and up their game, on living their life to achieve untapped peak performance potential!! It helped me to get on track and begin taking steps to redirect various aspects of my life especially my health most importantly! 

I love the concepts Coach unpacks regarding the 4 building blocks of performance (Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual). Not only does he unpack them, but he provides real-life use cases from his extensive career in the NFL and his personal growth journey along the way. 

Highly recommended no matter the age or season in life!

Dr. David Peterson

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

I have had Coach Friday speak to my Strength & Conditioning class at Cedarville University for the past two semesters. Because of his 21 year tenure in the NFL as a strength coach, he has instant credibility with the students.

Jeff has been an invited speaker by collegiate and professional sports organizations as well as local and national ministries, entrepreneurial incubators and civic groups.  Drawing upon his diverse background Jeff is able to tailor a talk to your audience's interests. 

I am passionate about sharing what I've learned from working with coaches and athletes at the highest level to help you maximize your potential and transform those around you. I am called to develop people because so often in my career I have seen potential thwarted.

I mix my professional coaching experience with practical learning that individuals can put to immediate use on their journey.

Reach out via Instagram to inquire about your speaking needs

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Recent speaking engagements include:

Murry State University Men's Basketball

West Carolina University Men's Basketball

Hope Church Men's Ministry

Sheakley Eagle Leadership Program

International Coaches Academy

OCEAN Accelerator

Athletes In Action

Weight Lifter

When we balance and intentionally develop each of the 4 building blocks we can move from good to great.  

The basis of this concept actually comes from the Bible, from the man so many people have dedicated their lives to following.  In Luke 2:52, it reads, “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” Notice the language there, Jesus grew in

Wisdom (mentally),

Stature (physically),

Favor with God (spiritually), and

Favor with man (socially).

The four building blocks of performance.

4-Week Foundation Series

I have prepared a 4-week Foundation Building Series to introduce you to the 4 Building Blocks of a great life.  Each week for four weeks you'll receive an overview of the four Building Blocks and its relevance to living a great life.  

This is my gift to you.  If you enjoy it, I encourage you to take the next step and purchase my book where the relevance of each Building Block to your life is explored in greater depth. 

Start Your Journey

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In the media

I joined the Strong Dads podcast to discuss my experiences as a Strength Coach in the NFL. During this podcast, I give insight into the 4 areas outlined in my book Built 4 Winning


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I joined the Banter Broadcast to discuss who the leader of the Ravens was and how they fed off of each other to become better leaders.


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for Podcast inquiries.

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